Press Release: How Sweet It Is…MIST Harlem and Harvist Present Sweet Dreams

12 Nov

Invited guests include Eugène-Richard Gasana, Rwandan Ambassador to the UN to enjoy special performance by African drumming Rwandan troupe Ingoma Nshya and sweet treats served by Blue Marble ice cream and Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda

New York, NY – On Wednesday, November 14 at 7pm, My Image Studios (MIST Harlem) will host an exclusive screening of scenes from Sweet Dreams, the newly released documentary film by Oscar and Emmy award winning siblings Lisa and Rob Fruchtman which tells the amazing story of Ingoma Nshya, Rwanda’s first Hutu and Tutsi female drumming troupe who founded Inzozi Nziza, the only locally-owned ice cream shop in Rwanda. Held in conjunction with Harvist, the new restaurant anchoring MIST—the new cultural arts space in Harlem where emerging and established artists will have a new home—this event is a celebration of the mosaic that is Harlem, which incorporates strong Latino and African influences from around the world.

“Sweet Dreams is a perfect example of how arts, international communities and cultures collide to not only spur economic growth in the places that need it most, but rebuild the hearts of the people who are also affected by conflict and devastation,” said Roland Laird, CEO of My Image Studios. “The documentary also demonstrates the importance of developing trade for Rwanda, instead of creating long-term dependence on outside aid for the country. We are delighted to be the host of this great event which will provide a memorable evening of great story-telling, delicious coffee and ice cream and one-of-a-kind live entertainment from Ignoma Nshya.”

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